In my undergraduate “Plan Essay” at Bennington College, I wrote that all I wanted to do was read, write, make things by hand, travel a bit, and live in a city.

Not much has changed. Except that now I want to reside near trees and water too. 


I live, write, and teach preschool in the San Francisco bay area. In my work I investigate place and materials: flour, salt, yeast, water; the skein that becomes a sweater; recycled graph paper for a collaborative children’s book; words in Italian that teach me about opera and pizza and Calvino; the beach where I live and the ways I change it; the objects that translate into the sparse vocabulary of a 3 year old.  I study Ecopoetics and Emily Dickinson, sew abstract, sensory-oriented soft books from found collections of fabric and thread, explore what wilderness I can, and make pasta by hand. 

I earned my M.A. in Poetry at San Francisco State University. 

I am a founding member & editor at Drop Leaf Press. My first book, PRIMA VERA was released by Drop Leaf Press in the spring of 2015 ( naturally).  It is available for purchase on our website and in bookstores around the SF Bay Area.